Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Economic and Financial Systems – Download 5 Books

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5 Volume Book: Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Economic and Financial Systems

Publisher: Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals

ISBNS: 978-9927-118-21-0, 978-9927-118-22-7, 978-9927-118-23-4, 978-9927-118-24-1, 978-9927-118-20-3

Cover design: Natacha Fares
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Publisher Description: Our 5 volume new books on the role of Islamic economics and finance in promoting inclusive and sustainable development can now be downloaded at the following links

Volume 1: Access to Finance and Human Development — Essays on Zakah, Awqaf and Microfinance

Volume 2: Islamic Economics: Theory, Policy and Social Justice

Volume 3: Islamic banking and finance – Essays on corporate finance, efficiency and product development

Volume 4: Ethics, Governance and Regulation in Islamic Finance

Volume 5: Financial Stability and Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions

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