Global Islamic Finance Education Report

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Released in 2013, Global Islamic Finance Education Report is the most comprehensive insight publicly available till to date about Islamic Finance Education sector worldwide. The report data is as of 2012 – 2013.

It reveals the following (as of 2013):

Distribution of Islamic Finance Education Providers by World Regions
Distribution of Islamic Finance Education Providers by Country
Top 10 Countries providing Islamic Finance Education
Islamic Finance Programs in Top Business Schools in the USA
Islamic Finance Education in OIC, OECD, and BRICS Countries
Distribution of Islamic Finance education by languages of instructions
Online and Distant Learning vs. In Class Learning – Trends and Opportunities
Recent growth trend and future projection in Islamic Finance education
Public vs. Private institutions
Academic vs. Non-Academic Institutions
Intellectual vs. Skill Based Programs
Distribution of Islamic Finance education by levels of programs
Growing demands and popularity by regions
Views and opinions of industry experts, academicians on Islamic Finance Education topics

Report Reviews

GIFE 2013 is a wake up call for all the stakeholders of emerging Islamic Finance industry. This report is an exclusive and timely one for the mass of the industry and if you are looking for a comprehensive insight of Islamic Finance Education sector – this is the document for you.Muath Mubarak, Head of Finance & Corporate Strategy, First Global Group, First Global Academy
Yurizk has filled a vacuum in bringing this GIFE 2013 report that details the current state of Islamic finance education in the world. I have reviewed the report before its release and it followed a sound methodology to derive its conclusions. The education sector and industry will benefit from this report.Dr. Kabir Hassan, Professor of Finance, University of New Orleans
The GIFE presentation by Sister Sadia Karim was brilliant, well researched and covered the fundamental core areas of Islamic Finance Education currently. Sister Sadia Karim must be applauded for her dynamic and rich presentation. Yurizk is certainly an asset to Islamic Finance Education.Mufti Ismail Desai, Shariah Advisor, Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance
GIFE 2013 is a fantastic effort to start addressing issues of education in Islamic Finance industry and defining the best way to move forward.Almir Colan, Director, Australian Centre for Islamic Finance
Yurizk has performed an excellent service for the Islamic finance industry by making previously hard to find raw data on education available in its Global Islamic Finance Education Report.Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance
Excellent presentation on where Islamic Finance education is.Stuart Hutton, Chartered Wealth Manager & Branch Principal, Raymond James Investment Services
I thank you for the well-presented professional research, and hope to join again in another presentation.Dr. Aly Khorshid, Islamic Finane Consultant, Shariah Scholar and Director, Islamic Finance Studies, Academy UK

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