Homo Economicus: Cold, Calculating & Callous

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Modern economic theory is founded on the  principle that human beings “maximize utility”; that is, they choose the best action from among a collection of choices. This axiom is considered self-evident: why would anyone make an inferior choice, when a better option is available? However, the mathematical formulation of this axiom is far from realistic. After all, it is self-evident …

Islamic Perspective on the Global Financial Crisis – Mufti Taqi Usmani

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Watch Public Lecture on the Topic "Islamic Perspective of the Causes and Remedies of  Financial Crisis" by Mufti Muhammd Taqi Usmani: Watch Video   Read the Book on the Topic "Current Financial Crisis - Causes and Remedies from Islamic Perspective" by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani: Read Book  

Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Economic and Financial Systems – Download 5 Books

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5 Volume Book: Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Economic and Financial Systems Publisher: Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals ISBNS: 978-9927-118-21-0, 978-9927-118-22-7, 978-9927-118-23-4, 978-9927-118-24-1, 978-9927-118-20-3 Cover design: Natacha Fares Copyright © 2015 The Author Publisher Description: Our 5 volume new books on the role of Islamic economics and finance in promoting inclusive and sustainable development can now be downloaded at the following links Volume 1: Access to Finance ...