Does the Islamic Finance industry need talent development or not?

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More and more educational institutions, around the world, are offering degree & certificate programs and diplomas in Islamic Finance and banking. The Global Islamic Finance Education Report  was the first attempt in having a concrete collection of the various academic programmes available globally. The fact that more and more people are undertaking the required academic educations is a good trend …

Islamic Finance Education

10 Trends To Shape The Future of Islamic Economics and Finance Education

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Islamic Economics and Islamic Finance as subjects are not too old. Among many challenges concerning curriculum development, insufficient qualified educators in the field, lack of sufficient research and funding, it is hard to stop for a moment and take a look forward to see what the future holds for Islamic Finance education. We are living at a time of dramatic …

Sustainability in the Islamic Economy

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For those of us involved in the dual industries of Islamic finance & halal, we are aware of the substantial growth in both industries. In their respective ‘silos’ both industries, individually, keep shattering growth forecasts! Yet the oft spoken about convergence of the two industries is, tangibly, yet to occur!  Quoting from the ‘state of the Islamic economy’ report–“In an …