The Lack of Human Resources in Islamic Finance & The Puzzle

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IFT. Given your experience in Islamic Finance Education, is the knowledge so imparted adequate to meet the evolving needs of the industry. If not how do you propose to address this? S.K.: According to some of the industry experts from both academia and practitioners and according to our research data, the answer is – ‘no’. It has to start from ...

Waqf – An Instrument for Shari’ah-Compliant Raising of Capital

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Benedikt Koehler talks about the role of Waqf – an age old Islamic Finance instrument that has been successfully used for social welfare and institution building. In this video Benedikt talks about how Waqf may be used for Capital Raising for Investment within Islamic Finance industry. Video Courtesy: IIBI, London

Islamic Finance and American Muslim Market

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Select Insight (DinarStandard Report) • The most commonly used Islamic finance services are mortgage services (50% of respondents,) investment products (44%), and banking services (17%). • There has been an 11% decrease in banking services compared to the 2011 survey. Meanwhile car financing responses increased by 8% and insurance services by 3%. • However, while a vast majority of respondents adhered to …

Does the Islamic Finance industry need talent development or not?

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More and more educational institutions, around the world, are offering degree & certificate programs and diplomas in Islamic Finance and banking. The Global Islamic Finance Education Report  was the first attempt in having a concrete collection of the various academic programmes available globally. The fact that more and more people are undertaking the required academic educations is a good trend …